Commit 67f21f11 by Nicolas Joyard

Add REST API with flask-marshmallow

parent a48336cb
# -*- coding: utf-8 -*-
from flask import abort, jsonify
from flask_marshmallow import Marshmallow
from .models import Regime, Legislature, Organe
class API(object):
def __init__(self, schemas):
self.schemas = schemas
self.tables = {i['model'].__tablename__: i for i in schemas}
self.descriptions = {i['model'].__tablename__: i['description']
for i in schemas}
def get_schema_or_404(self, table):
if table not in self.tables:
item = self.tables[table]
model = item['model']
schema = item['schema']
list_schema = item.get('list_schema', schema)
return list_schema, schema, model
def get_list_or_404(self, table):
list_schema, detail_schema, model = self.get_schema_or_404(table)
items = model.query.all()
result = list_schema(many=True).dump(items)
return jsonify(
def get_detail_or_404(self, table, id):
list_schema, detail_schema, model = self.get_schema_or_404(table)
item = model.query.get_or_404(id)
result = detail_schema().dump(item)
return jsonify(
def setup_routes(self, app, prefix='/api/'):
if not prefix.endswith('/'):
prefix = '%s/' % prefix
if not prefix.startswith('/'):
prefix = '/%s' % prefix
@app.route('%s<table>/' % prefix)
def api_list(table):
return self.get_list_or_404(table)
@app.route('%s<table>/<id>' % prefix)
def api_detail(table, id):
return self.get_detail_or_404(table, id)
def setup_api(app):
ma = Marshmallow(app)
# API helpers
def detailURL(table):
return ma.AbsoluteURLFor('api_detail', table=table, id='<id>')
def nested(schema):
return ma.Nested(schema)
def nestedList(schema):
return ma.List(ma.Nested(schema))
# Base schemas (for use in lists)
class RegimeBaseSchema(ma.ModelSchema):
class Meta:
model = Regime
fields = ('nom', '_url')
_url = detailURL('regimes')
class LegislatureBaseSchema(ma.ModelSchema):
class Meta:
model = Legislature
fields = ('numero', '_url')
_url = detailURL('legislatures')
class OrganeBaseSchema(ma.ModelSchema):
class Meta:
model = Organe
fields = ('libelle', '_url')
_url = detailURL('organes')
# Detailed schemas
class RegimeDetailSchema(RegimeBaseSchema):
class Meta(RegimeBaseSchema.Meta):
fields = ()
legislatures = nestedList(LegislatureBaseSchema)
organes = nestedList(OrganeBaseSchema)
class LegislatureDetailSchema(LegislatureBaseSchema):
class Meta(LegislatureBaseSchema.Meta):
fields = ()
regime = nested(RegimeBaseSchema)
organes = nestedList(OrganeBaseSchema)
class OrganeDetailSchema(OrganeBaseSchema):
class Meta(OrganeBaseSchema.Meta):
fields = ()
regime = nested(RegimeBaseSchema)
legislature = nested(LegislatureBaseSchema)
# API creation
return API([
'model': Regime,
'description': u'Régimes politiques',
'schema': RegimeDetailSchema,
'list_schema': RegimeBaseSchema
'model': Legislature,
'description': u'Législatures',
'schema': LegislatureDetailSchema,
'list_schema': LegislatureBaseSchema
'model': Organe,
'description': u'Organes (ministères, commissions, organismes...)',
'schema': OrganeDetailSchema,
'list_schema': OrganeBaseSchema
# -*- coding: utf-8 -*-
from flask import abort, jsonify
def setup_routes(app, api):
def setup_routes(app):
def hello():
return 'Hi!'
return 'Bienvenue sur ParlAPI :)'
......@@ -14,8 +14,12 @@ def setup_app(name):
from .models import db
# Setup API
from .api import setup_api
api = setup_api(app)
# Setup routes
from .routes import setup_routes
setup_routes(app, api)
return app
......@@ -21,10 +21,12 @@ setup(
"Development Status :: 3 - Alpha",
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