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Top 4 Role-Playing Games for Android with Excellent Graphics


If you want to play RPGs with excellent graphics, sharp images and attractive style, we provide you with the Top 4 Role-Playing Games for Android.

The Role-Playing Game is no stranger to real gamers and attracts a lot of people to download and participate on Android devices. The advantage of mobile games is that you can play them anywhere, anytime and if you still think mobile games can’t be as good, beautiful and attractive as online games then you will change your mind after reading this article. Let’s check it out with our recommended list of Darkness rises, Rage of Odin, Azedeem, and Heroes Blade.

Darkness Rises


Compared to the previous version, Darkness Rises this time around possesses extreme graphics on the mobile, accompanied by the immense fighting gameplay - it lets you experience the battle style in a fascinating storyline.

The graphics of Darkness Rises are definitely one of the strongest draws for most players.

It is up to date with the 3D graphics from the latest technology of Unreal Engine 4. Therefore, while playing on compact mobile devices, this game gives the user the same great feeling as on a PC.

The game brings you a most unexpected plot, exciting battles, gorgeous skill sets, and fantastic fighting with countless enemies. Have a look at Download apk games for Android - play Android games offline at your fingertip to download more Android apps

Rage of Odin

You will be more familiar with the name "Odin" through movies or stories. However, Rage of Odin will re-present a completely different image of the king of Midgard.

Based on the story of the Norse mythology, Tengsheng Mobile has skillfully crafted a tactical title - an epic fantasy role-playing game. Transforming into one of the three famous gods: Odin, Thor or Loki, players will have to build their own army, train them, and upgrade to have more abilities.

Also, add your personal "skills" before embarking on a challenging adventure through the 9 Kingdoms to become the new king, the protagonist Ragnarok.



An attractive strategy card game of TawaGames. If you've seen the Lord of the Rings series or the Hobbit series, it would not be strange for the character classes in Azedeem.

Choose to become a member of one of the clans: Orcs and Elfs, who will transform into your favourite characters (Warriors, Wizards, or Shamans) and participate in the endless adventure.

In Azedeem, players also have the opportunity to equip themselves with various strength cards, upgrade them and even evolve to higher levels. However, it is not all of a sudden that we will have these cards.

The game's diverse mission system will provide players with essential elements (money, basic cards, etc.) so that when completed, hundreds of characters with each possessing a different ability will belong to you.

If you are interested in Android games like this, have a try at Oldest fighting games which are widely played today: download apk for free

Heroes Blade


It can be said, with the range of a mobile game, Heroes Blade is really great accomplishment. It features a rich character system, with 50 Heroes, each with 4 different skills. The multiplayer system has never been easier with the duplicates, the scenes, and with the reward of hundreds of valuable items in the game.

Moreover, Heroes Blade also has its own weapons, the ability of characters such as upgrading, enhancement, fusion, manufacturing... make the player is fascinated with what they are.

Finally, the game also features PVP players which players can challenge and use the Guild to make friends with other Heroes Blade players around the world.

Download and play these RPGs on your Android device

Here are some of the mobile games in the form of "strategic RPGs" that are highly appreciated in the game market. If you want to try out with these games, you can download them to your smartphone and let the battle begin right now. Finally, you can discover more Android apps by clicking Don't miss the opportunity to get involved in amazing apk games for Android

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